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Lime Juice Concentrate 400 gpl
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Lime and its features

Lime, a citrus fruit, is a popular ingredient in many dishes and drinks. Not only is it an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, but it also adds flavour to any meal or drink. Lime concentrates are made from the juice of limes and can be used in various applications such as dressings, sauces, pastries, and more. The benefits of consuming lime include its ability to boost immunity, aid digestion, reduce inflammation and support healthy skin. In addition to its nutritional value, lime adds a unique flavour to food that can make any dish stand out from the rest.

Lime is a sour fruit found in many regions of the world. It is similar in taste to a sweet lime and has a strong aroma. Lime is used in many culinary and beverage recipes, including margaritas, ceviches and tequila refreshes. Lime trees grow easily in temperate zones, and they produce limes continuously throughout the year. The lime fruit has a thick rind that protects the soft flesh inside from being damaged, making it ideal for creating food and beverages.

Lemonade is the most popular beverage made from limes; it's also commonly sold frozen so consumers can make it at home without needing an entire lime tree. Restaurants commonly offer limeade as an alternative to water in hot weather. People also refrigerate limes to use them as a refrigerator additive, making them more accessible and less perishable than fresh limes.


The fruit can also be used to make puree for other uses or sold as a commercial product on its own. Many people use lime puree in cooking or as a condiment on their food. It adds flavour, acidity and moisture to food without adding calories or making the food unhealthy. In addition, lime puree makes foods more delicious and appetizing by enhancing their natural flavours.

Lime benefits include making foods tastier, enhancing flavours and creating commercial products for sale year-round. Pureed limes are used in cooking, baking, ice creams, dairy products and beverages such as lemonades, milkshakes and iced teas. The sour taste in lime used in many beverages and foods helps to make the item sour.

Lime is mostly used as a flavouring in cooking; it adds flavour without adding calories or making the food unhealthy. In addition, cream sauces often contain lime in their recipe because of its tart flavour. Lime is also used to preserve fish by pickling it in lime juice before storage; this preserves the fish while giving it a tangy flavour that goes well with rice dishes. In addition, lime put into meat before cooking helps tenderize tough meat, such as chicken breast meat.

Lime is used extensively in culinary creations such As margaritas (a popular Spanish drink) and ceviches (a popular dish from Chile). It's also commonly eaten fresh or added to various foods for flavouring or tartness. The sour taste in lime used in many beverages and foods helps to make these items more palatable and less harmful to the digestive system.

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