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The COMPANY and its factory

We are Incalagricola. The Fresh fruits, The Tasty fruits. We believe in the power of fruit to improve lives.

The factory was created from the commitment of the Calabrò family, active since the early 1900s in the Sicilian and Calabrian citrus fruit sector. INCAL AGRICOLA S.R.L., was established in November 1982 with its registered head office in Varapodio.


The company's core business since the beginning of its activity has been the production of concentrated citrus juices and derivatives. 

During the last 15 years the company has been diversifying its production to meet new market trends, developing a wide range of compounds and preparations for food & beverage, adapting to the needs of international markets and focusing heavily on research & development.

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Intelligent delivery

In Incalagricola we know the importance that our customers require when ordering a product that is why we provide a complete and detailed evaluation of the requirements of our products, intelligently providing you all the possible data of our products.

Versatile solutions

We offer a variety of options for our products, creating versatility between our customers and our fruit products in terms of delivery, quantities, packaging and processing. Thanks to this, customers will always get the best conditions for their requirements.

Fast solutions

As we know that our customers are always looking for time and cost optimization, we know that providing a quick solution is of vital importance when purchasing our products (juice concentrates, purees, NFC, essential oils and compounds-frozen and aseptic blends). That is why we offer high speed in our requirement and delivery processes.

Transversal integration

We take care of being involved in the whole supply chain from the cultivation of our fruits to the delivery to our customers, we make sure that our products reach their final destination in the conditions we promise.

Technology and innovation

We have a research and development (R&D) team that allows us to meet the different requirements of our customers, and allows us to continue with a continuous development in the food and beverage industry. We advance with all available technology so that our customers are always satisfied.


Integral solutions

In Incal agricola we know that the development and cost of products are of vital importance to generate value, that is why we provide integral solutions, and optimize costs in the products that our customers require.

Experience in what we do

We have been in the food and beverage market for many years, we guarantee the highest standards and the most suitable solutions for your requirements, we give you our knowledge so that you can carry out your solutions.


Across the globe, we are here to help answer your needs

Expertise and support in the food and beverage industry available 24/7.

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