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Lemon Juice Concentrate 400 gpl
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Lemon Puree



Lemon NFC (conventional and organic)



Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon and its features

Lemons are a popular fruit with a wide range of applications. They contain essential oils, juice concentrates, and NFC (not from concentrate) juice. Lemons have many benefits such as being rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, aiding digestion, and providing relief from sore throat, apart from that Lemon juice is often used to make drinks, such as lemonade and iced tea, as well as marinades, dressings, and other sauces. Lemon zest is also widely used in baking and cooking to add flavour and aroma to dishes

The flavour of lemons is also very versatile and can be used to enhance the taste of food items, for example Lemon puree or lemon juice concentrates can be used to make refreshing drinks or add flavour to dishes. Lemons are also known for their medicinal properties, which makes them a great addition to any diet.


Lemon juice concentrate is a common ingredient that many people add to recipes for homemade salad dressings, sauces, beverages, desserts, and baked goods for its benefits. That's because lemon juice has a bright, refreshing taste that complements a variety of foods. It is adaptable and can be used in a variety of different dishes. Due to its pungent and tart taste, lemon juice is an excellent ingredient to pair with other flavours to complement the citrus flavour it imparts. This is because lemon juice has a sour and bitter taste. Lemons have always been used in the kitchen in various ways. This practice goes back many, many years. Historians are pretty sure that China and other countries in Southeast Asia were probably the first places where citrus was documented.

Similarly to orange concentrate, lemon concentrate has a multitude of uses in food and beverage production. It has a distinct, acidic flavor which is why it is commonly used in drinks, condiments, and baked goods. Additionally, lemon concentrate is seen as a healthier alternative to processed sugar and salt, as it adds flavor and sweetness without the need for added sugar. Furthermore, lemon concentrate is low in calories and adds nutritional value to products, making it an attractive option for health-conscious consumers.

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