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Diced, coconut cream and coconut water.

Coconut Benefits

Coconut is a very refreshing and hydrating tropical fruit thanks to the juice it keeps inside. It has great nutritional properties and offers several benefits applicable to different areas, both nutritional and cosmetic.

The large amount of water is the main characteristic of coconut, but it also has a high fiber content, which gives it laxative effects. In addition, it promotes its use in the diets of people who need to lower their cholesterol.

Vitamin E is the most important of those contained in coconut, providing its antioxidant capacities. It also contains vitamin C, and to a lesser extent type B1 and B2 vitamins. It must be taken into account, as we will see later, that it has a great caloric power.


Due to the calories coconut contains and its amounts of water, it is an ideal fruit for making energy drinks, juices and sports preparations or energy waters. In this way, minerals such as potassium or sodium can be used. For all these reasons, coconut is the perfect ally to combine with other fruits in juices or drinks.

Cosmetic opportunities are also part of the properties of the coconut, which has become one of the most used fruits to make moisturizers, oils, purifying waters and hair solutions.

Coconut is a tropical fruit available in Valencia Orange, diced, coconut cream and coconut water.

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