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The tomato is a vegetable full of benefits for almost every group of people and which can be consumed almost in any format. One of the formats which has more nutrient uses for our body is the roasted tomato, because it is easy to digest and enhances the lycopene properties by being cooked.

The roasted tomato is an advisable food for almost every group of people, without distinguishing diets or ages thanks to the benefits for the body, its few calorie intake or its high containment in fibre, vitamins and minerals. The roasted tomato is undoubtedly the best choice for different areas in the food industry production due to its wide range of cooking possibilities.

In Pilmifresh we supply roasted tomato in dices, slices and grilled, keeping and preserving its freshness and properties, as well as other roasted vegetables that you can find in our catalog. Enjoy our roasted tomato ready to be used in the food industry sector and do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry.

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