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The roasted pepper is one of the most traditional dishes in our gastronomy. Whether as main course or as an accompaniment, the roasted pepper format is an excellent way of enjoying its juicy flesh and its multiple nutrients.

The pepper is a vegetable which offers a quantity of benefits for our health that are really easy to take advantage as it is a highly versatile vegetable. In fact, the roasted pepper sold in Pilmifresh is planned to be used in the food industry sector and perfect for its high fibre and water volume. Due to this, among other diets, it is advisable for the lose weight diets.

In Pilmifresh we supply roasted pepper and other roasted vegetables in dices, slices and grilled, taking care of its freshness and properties. You can take advantage of the vitamins, fibre, minerals and antioxidants of our products, of the best quality and prepared for its use in the food industry. Do not forget to visit our catalog and contact us.

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