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Breaded pepper rings
Breaded crunchy pepper rings
Battered pepper rings
Battered with beer pepper rings
Spicy pepper rings


Pepper is very beneficial for health. The green pepper has the same properties as other peppers but in different amounts due to the maturation phase in which it is found, has a less sweet taste than red and yellow peppers. The yellow pepper is sweeter than the green pepper and also contains more vitamin C than the green pepper. The red pepper is sweeter and contains more vitamin C than the green pepper, it also contains more vitamin A than the yellow pepper.

At Pilmifresh we offer the best quality red, green or yellow pepper. We provide frozen pepper that retains all the properties of fresh pepper in different formats, having pepper rings breaded, breaded crunchy, battered, battered with beer, spicy of red pepper, green pepper and yellow pepper.

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